Cognitive Testing and Training

Cognitive Assessments and Training Programs

Natural Xpression has partnered up with CogniFit, to bring you 22 years of expertise from the industry leader of in-home testing. We have arranged for you as a subscriber to receive their Cognitive General Assessment, and will use this as a critical input (combined with your Goals, Microbiome and DNA) to help craft your supplements.

Cognifit Cognitive Assessment Testing Categories


To use CogniFit's own words to describe the test:

“This neuropsychological assessment or cognitive test is designed to easily understand people’s cognitive function, as well as cognitive, physical, psychological, and social well-being. This online cognitive test shows how people score in concentration/attention, memory, reasoning, planning, and coordination, compared to people the same age and gender.”

To see a sample of the data which will be made available to you, click here: Sample Cognitive Assessment Report.

CogniFit has been a leader in cognitive wellness training since their establishment in 1999. They offer among the most comprehensive and accessible testing batteries available, as well as a robust and scientifically proven program of target cognitive training options.

After signing up you will receive an email from us with information on how to take your online General Cognitive Assessment.  It should take you 30-40 minutes.

 Your results will be available very quickly thereafter, and will prove directional. If needed (or wanted and not dangerous) specific supplements will be added into your subscription at no extra cost, and will be selected based upon scientific evidence supporting a nutritional influence. 

Additionally, CogniFit offers Online and App-based cognitive training that focuses on improving the specific areas where your assessment indicated opportunity.  Currently this is not part of Natural Xpression’s regular subscriptions, but we are considering adding it, and can arrange monthly training access for you at what amounts to half of CogniFit’s regular monthly rates ($9.99/month versus $19.99/month when purchased month-to-month). The training modules they offer are listed below, and to give it a try please Click here to send an email to

The training modules currently offered are:

  • 55 and Over (General all-round training to combat regular aging)
  • Concentration
  • Coordination
  • Driving
  • Memory
  • Perception
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Reasoning

Cognitive Testing and Training Q&A:

Q: Do I need any special hardware or browser to access the test?
A: Most modern computers, mobiles, operating systems, and browsers will work. Click here see whether the device you are currently working on will work: CogniFit IT Tester
Q: Do I really have to do this test too? I'm already doing all the other tests.
A: This is our only optional test.  If you really don’t want to know, or are confident that you are working at your peak, then you don’t need to take this test.  It is included in your subscription though, as are the supplements that could accompany results.
Q: If this test and cognitive-related supplements are included free of charge, why would I not get them? If I don't, why should I subsidize everyone else?
A: We are including this test and theses supplements (if we think they will help) because we want to give all our subscribers the best solution for you individually.  Part of that solution is a simple transparent pricing policy — so to keep it simple we offer a single price, regardless. Yes, that does mean you get more ‘stuff’ for your quarterly payment when you receive supplements for cognition as well — but it's always better to operate with self-restraint than to unnecessarily ingest extra substances. However, if within your Goals you state that cognition or other related areas are a high concern area — and there is little to no danger of your consumption approaching recommend Upper Limits — we will include these even if you ‘pass’ the Assessment with flying colors in every aspect. 
Q: Assuming I could potentially benefit from a little extra supplementation to boost my cognition, why don't you just mix this into my regular 'core' supplements?
A: This is a great question we struggled with ourselves.  It would be easier to combine everything up front (certainly for our operations it would be!), but there are three reasons we are going this separated route:
  1. If you have ever seen those massive pills that a Blue Whale would think twice about swallowing, you understand. You can only fit so much in the 00 size we blend your supplements into. Taking the Godzilla-capsules out of the picture, you’d likely end up taking the same number of capsules anyway.
  2. Your cognitive skills could potentially improve quickly with the right nutritional supplementation policy and training.  Again, in the spirit of not over-supplementing, you may choose to reduce or discontinue these supplements if you reach your goal quickly.  By mixing them into your core supplements (based upon your long-term goals and very-slowly-evolving DNA) we would strip you of that flexibility.
  3. Your cognitive supplementation could potentially change relatively quickly from quarterly-batch to quarterly-batch.  Your ‘core’ supplements will be far more consistent.