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Hello fellow RINGKNOCKER, and welcome to Natural Xpression (NXP). 

First things first, what is NXP?

Natural Xpression is a one-to-one dietary supplements manufacturer which crafts subscribers a personalized supplements solution based on a broad spectrum of wellness inputs.

The process we have implemented centers on:

  1. An online 15-question Wellness Interview designed to establish your goals, concerns, and priorities
  2. Easy home-administered DNA (saliva) and Microbiome (stool) tests, with pre-addressed, pre-paid return packaging included. 
  3. An online cognitive general assessment (e.g. verbal/reading/numeric memory, names, directions, etc.). 

Once those tests are complete and results are in, NXP blends you a supplements solution based upon your personal daily needs and objectives. Then we deliver those supplements straight to your door.

 NXP's Launch and the Alpha Opportunity

Several months ago I founded Natural Xpression along with an ex-Johns Hopkins faculty member and Nutritionist, and another University of London MBA. But it is only now that we are rolling to market and find ourselves looking to recruit a small, select "Alpha" cohort to whom we can extend an early invitation.

As officers, we have all come to respect the importance of detail and results, and I can think of no better set of rational but demanding customers to help us set the service bar high. As such, I would like to invite you to join the Alphas. The video at the bottom of this page provides some more details on the program, as does the Alpha page here, however the specifics of the program's deliverables are:  

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  • .....
  • 6 months of supplements (via two quarterly home-deliveries) 
  • 3 home-delivered, home-administered tests: Microbiome, DNA, and the online Cognitive Assessment
  • Each tests' detailed results (provided by our laboratory partners), which will be similar in content to these Sample Cognitive Report and Sample 'Gene and Gut Biome' Reports.
  • Online access to your 24-hour Wellness Center, a HIPAA-compliant portal securely hosting your test results, supplements information, account information, and a secure message center

      Normally, this will sell for $497. However as an early-mover incentive, we have dropped it to $319.96 for Alphas. The only catch to the $180 discount? We could really use your feedback -- good and bad -- on any part of the process that stands out. So please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any thoughts, criticism, praise, or questions.

      To sign up, simply click here to jump over to the 'Alphas 6-Month Subscription' and get started. 

      Fair winds and following seas. Go Navy!


      -Ian Schuster

      CEO, Natural Xpression and ex-USS Theodore Roosevelt, USS Blue Ridge, and USNA '96 (the last real plebe year)