DNA and Microbiome Testing

For DNA and Microbiome testing, our partner is the well-established and many-times proven Psomagen.  

Psomagen Gene and Gutbiome Test Kit Box

DNA and Microbiome Test Kit

Both your DNA and Microbiome tests arrive inside this 9.75″ x 5.75″ x 1.75″ box. It will contain a small airtight vial for collecting a saliva sample (for DNA), and a swab and separate airtight tube for swiping and securing your stool sample (for your microbiome test.) Both tests take under a minute, after which you post them back in the enclosed, pre-paid, and pre-addressed return padded envelope.

From the day you order, you can expect to receive the kit in about 5 business days.  Once you mail out your samples, your can expect 4 to 5 weeks before results are ready. You’ll receive an email from us with the results via a secure link.

To see a sample of the data which will be made available to you, click here: Gene+GutBiome example report.

Please note that your results will be on-demand queried, and available for you to analyze on-demand.  You will not actually receive a static report like this.  This file is included only for your reference, so that you can understand the content.

DNA and Microbiome Test Q&A

Q: I already have a DNA test.  Can I just upload that data?

A: No, and Yes. We have built our operations around a simultaneous analysis of your two samples, and a multi-pronged AI analytical approach.  In addition to that sounding really cool, it also means that the whole becomes cheaper than either of the single tests undertaken individually. Plus, there is some concern about the quality and thoroughness of DNA tests that were common several years ago, so for QA and operational consistency purposes, we just knock them both out anew.  That said, you should take a microbiome test at least every six months, so with every second quarterly renewal (every six months) we will include a complementary Microbiome (only) test.  You needn’t take DNA tests nearly that often.

Q: What is the timeline like for my DNA and Microbiome test, from order to results-in-hand?

A: If you were to order today and confirm your order within the portal tomorrow, then you can expect your test kit to arrive within a week.  Let’s say you turn it around quickly and return the postage pre-paid, pre-addressed package the next day (aka Day 8).  From that point you can expect your results within 4 to 5 weeks.  So, in sum, from order to results, the process should take 36-43 days (plus holidays).  That’s a perfect timeframe in which to build your baseline for our pre/active supplementation comparison.

Q: What is my Microbiome and how will it affect my supplements?

A: You’ve got tens of trillions of tenants (microbiota) living inside your colon (the large intestines comprising the final ~1.5m of your intestinal tract), and the role they play is critical. They provide no small part of your Vitamin Bs and K supply, and they produce chemicals your body relies upon for everything from managing hydration, to appetite control, to mood management, to immunity boosting. As a species, we homo sapiens have evolved to depend on many of these guys, and if the populations of the ones most important to us decline (due to insufficient fiber or bad guys stealing other nutrients for example) we feel the ramifications in scores of different ways. 

Microbiome tests of your colon should be performed regularly (a lot like the US Census — but every 6 months, rather than decennially), and based upon that we can identify how well your Good Guys are doing, and whip you up supplements that are evidenced replenish them as needed. We can also alert you to fiber deficiencies, which supplements will NOT help. Fact is, you simply can not pack nearly as many grams of fiber into a capsule as you would need to move the needle. Fortunately, there is no shortage of great fiber sources that are easy to slide into any diet. 

Q: How will my DNA affect my supplements?

A: In many, many ways. We’ll start to understand your body’s ability to generate, metabolize, and/or store specific vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, proteins, lipids, and water.  We’ll gain insight into how well your body can produce, transport, and dispose of enzymes critical for digestion, hormones critical for homeostasis (balance of water, heat, blood glucose, blood pressure, etc.), and neurotransmitters important for carrying out thousands of basic cognitive, voluntary, and autonomic processes. Allergies. Disease predisposition. Alcohol tolerance. Dairy tolerance. The list of things we upon which a DNA test shines light goes on and on. Once we have a read as to your genetic uniqueness, we will craft your supplements to complement.