Cancellations and Refunds

Subscription Cancellations and Refunds:

We'll be sad to see you go, but you've got the Dollar Veto. How much we can cancel and refund depends on what and how recently you ordered.

If you ordered product sold via a subscription (monthly payments, each well under $100), you can cancel either:

  • within 24 hours after completing your order
  • anytime after the third payment -- basically after you would have gotten all your tests back and finished your first batch of supplements.
You can cancel either by emailing support at, or by clicking to cancel in the monthly reminder email you receive.

If you ordered product sold via a 3 or 6 month program -- NOT a subscription (you would have paid north of $300 on checkout):

  • Within 24 hours of an order: 100% back of everything.
  • 1 to 20 days after any payment: 
    • Supplements: 100% back of your subscription price for that most recent payment.
    • Training: The prorated amount remaining of your subscription, calculated monthly. As such, if you purchased a 12-month training plan and cancel anywhere between 2 days and 30 days in, you get 2 months' worth back.  If you cancel between 31 and 61 days in you receive 1 month back, etc.
    • Testing: This will be on a case-by-case. We work through laboratory partners, so if we can catch them before they do anything, your in luck and will get everything back. Worst case scenario, we can't stop it so no refund.  But we'll make sure to get you the full .pdf version of your reports and you'll always have ongoing online access to your reports on our DNA and Microbiome partner Psomagen's website at, as we have negotiated that for you already as part of your testing fee.
  • 21 days or more after each payment: 
    • Supplements: No value can be refunded. 
    • Training: Same as 1-20 Days. The prorated amount remaining within your purchased plan, calculated in 3-month blocks 

To cancel and request any refund please contact