Testing - Our Starting Line

Technically, it's not one starting point, but four.

Starting Line Picture

Most precision nutrition supplements companies design your supplements based upon just one test and a single data point. That's not necessarily bad, as simply starting the tailoring process is a step forward. But the problem lay in that it's hard to know how best to start when you don't understand one or more of:

  • Who you are (DNA testing helps to flush that out)
  • Where you are going (your Wellness Goals define that)
  • Your current state of Mind and Body (Cognitive and Microbiome testing respectively reveals this)

We were not about to compromise, so although it was painful, we built our operations, medical approach, and algorithms to gather the full story before we even start thinking about designing your supplements.  As such, every first subscription to Natural Xpression incorporates a full testing battery; every renewal includes follow-on cognitive and microbiome 're-reads' (you can update your goals as needed, and your DNA doesn't change so rapidly). Better yet, because we've bundled everything this way, we can keep testing costs down to right around what you would pay for a single test.

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