Wellness Interview and Questionnaire

At first blush, this interview part of your 'testing' battery may not seem like the most scientific, but it is arguably the most important.  We'll be recommending a very different supplement blend if you goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon versus reach the rank of Yokozuna.

Sumo ring photo

But don't worry, it's not too many questions, and shouldn't take more than 10 minutes. 

Basically, it starts with background: basic demographics and contact information, whether you have any specific goals or predictable challenges coming over the next several months, known health issues and allergies, and Current Exercise and Eating Habits.

Then come the importance ratings you would assign (Not Interested vs Moderately Interested vs Very Interested) for a dozen health issues like Immunity, Sleep, Weight Loss, Spatial Memory, Skin, Regularity, etc.

Then you're done. Simple, but we can not overemphasize how critical this is to how we will craft your supplements.

Q: Do I need any special hardware or browser to access the interview?

A: Most modern computers, mobiles, operating systems, and browsers will work. It's been tested with no problem on Windows and Apple computers, as well as on iPhones and Android Devices.

Q: Can I change this? If so, how often should I review and adjust it? 

A: You can always change it, and when it comes time to formulate your supplements, we will work off the current data.  How often you should change it is a different issue.  You obviously don't want to change your long-term goals too often, but stuff happens. So, when it is significant and you need to tweak direction, then by all means jump on and adjust. Then we'll make sure your next batch of supplements support your new objectives (assuming the update is prior to our blending them, ~ 3 weeks before your subscription would be re-upped.

Q: Why does the Wellness Center live in an entirely different area from this website? Where actually is my personal data?

A: The Wellness Center, where your sensitive health answers, test results, and supplements information shall be stored, is hosted within a separate HIPAA-compliant database (Health Information Portability and Accountability Act).  Your orders placed here via this website run through the Amazon Web Services protected by Shopify and then through the heavily encrypted Authorize.net pathway that supports and protects millions of transactions daily.

Q: I can't even get to the interview. I am having an issue getting the friggin Acknowledgements page to take my signature.

A: If by that you mean that you finger-sign the screen, but the Continue button beneath doesn't light up, then we understand your pain!  It's a known issue, but the solution is 'easy'.  Hit that little X in the top-right of the signature area to clear out your attempted signature, and go to the 'Type your name' option.  Type in your name (erase it first if it's already in there from a previous attempt and the Continue box still doesn't show), and that box below should finally light up.   If it doesn't, hit the X to clear again and retype. If it still doesn't work, hit that X again, vociferously berate your phone/tablet/computer, and try a fourth time.  Ridiculous as this sounds it has been the experience of our team here that the key to making this work is perseverance. Normally, 'insanity' is defined as doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different result.  However, in this case 'Insanity' has repeatedly proved itself to be the best way forward.