What is Natural Xpression?

Bespoke Supplements are just the start. We're your coach, enabler, cheering squad, validator, and all-around Partner

How to get started

Whether you've already taken a DNA and/or Microbiome test or not, you're here at the starting block. Then on your way in a click.

Scroll down to see the process. in more detail.


click here to order.

Choose what tests you'd like, and the kits are on their way.
Alternatively, quality dependent, you can upload any existing reports you have at no cost


receive. swab. return.

When your kit arrives, swab your mouth (DNA) and/or stool (Microbiome), and post back your sample(s) in the pre-addressed, prepaid packaging provided.


log-on. weigh-in.

Enter your wellness portal, complete your quick priorities questionnaire, and run through any cognitive tests included/ordered.
We'll take it from there.


receive. review. adjust or greenlight.

shortly afterwards you'll electronically receive your wellness reports, and details on your proposed supplements and why they're formulated that way. . Read, share with your physician, and either 'green-light' it or request any adjustments.

and all throughout, worry not. your data couldn't be safer.

HIPAA-compliant, Salesforce Protected.

Disturbingly, this level of protection isn't legally required. But that's just not right. So we've raised our own bar, and structured all our systems to comply with the much-more stringent requirements for Medical Records. So rest assured - your data is safe.

Learn more about our data security here

Up for getting in early? Calling all Alphas!

Prepping for launch, NXP is looking for Alphas -- the first-mover vanguard that starts the revolution and helps us get it right. In return, if you're current or former military (or a spouse/partner/dependent thereof), we're offering 6 months' supplements for the price of 3, and testing at right around cost. This amounts to ~$180 savings. Click below for details.

This is a leading edge proposition, so we know you've got questions.


What we are discussing here is revolutionary. The concept of 'precision nutrition' (meaning 100% bespoke supplements) is fairly new though, and the promises you read here must seem astounding -- if not outright unbelievable.
But we couldn't be more confident that if you're ready to bet on us (and by that we mean both you and us) with a 3-month subscription, 1 minute/day, and 4" x 4" x 4" of kitchen shelf-space, you will absolutely feel the results.
But we get ahead of ourselves. This section is about FAQs, and next to the 6 icon's below, we list the Top 6 most common questions we receive, as long as a button to visit the full FAQs collection.

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